A New Religion Called Love 

Mainstream religion has perverted our relationship to the divine, giving way to desire, lust and separation. The emphasis on God above is the true reason for our fall from Eden. Our forgetfulness of our earthly unity has pushed us into the darkest corners of reality. Without a collective embrace, we shatter our own truth. Mother Nature, Great Nurturer, may your seasons set us free.

Written & Directed by Marisa Papen 
Production: Wise Up Productions 
Production Manager: Jean Weustenraad 
Director of Photography: Dries Vanderaerden  
1st Assistant Camera: Patrick Nishimwe
Steadicam operator: Raphael Van Oostrum
Gaffers: Maxime Dambly + Georges Vanev 
Construction: Adrien Meylan 
Editor: Joachim Veszely  
Colorist: Xavier Dockx 
Recording mixer: Sonata Productions
Helpers: Jennifer Hons + Jordan Kidja


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