Flower of Life 

The Mona Lisa of Liberation

The vagina — the ‘Flower of Life’, is a wonder of nature, a sacred symbol of creation, universally shared yet always uniquely expressed through a complex variety of form, pattern and palette. Freeing the body of misconception and shame in the ongoing cultural war against the human form is a fundamental step towards freedom.

I shared my uncensored ‘Flower of Life’ counter-culturing current community standards. Undressing her from thick layers of propaganda, I aim to restore our interpretation of the vagina by revealing her in the light of high-fidelity and elegance. Showing herself in full detail without obscurity, she reminds us of the mystery of our origin. With this authentic expression she is a declaration of our naked, natural truth.

"There is no such thing as sinful skin. Our naked bodies are always in humble integrity. There is divine poetry in our sexes."

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