Great Blue Poetry


Sense of Sight

do you think if we could see underwater
we would open our eyes?
would we open our eyes and explore the unknown
or would we just float
float close enough to the surface
where we could find a reflection of ourselves? 
and then stare and stare
and forget we can only breath the sky
or would we reach for the light within the dark
and trust the current with our sight?



to be recognized by another species
is like looking in the mirror
but seeing the within
heart becomes skin

eye to eye, I fly in her salty sky

in this mysterious mixture of minerals and molecules 
our hearts play without boundaries of matter

our Ocean, her Home
with no door
inviting me with whispers to explore


They Are The Sea

underneath, a shadow glides
“Danger of the Deep” men say

men say many things

appearing through a curtain of blue
dorsal fin sails close 
one breath later I am Now
below the level of the Sea
I do not see but feel with faith
I hover centered
them and me, Trinity

infinity, I touch upon close
sensation of ethereal essence
ancestors of the Deep
existing effortlessly, balanced as Chi

when you exist over 400 million years
you become what surrounds you
and what surrounds you becomes you

they are the salt of the sea



envision yourself as a wave
a wave traveling through life
transferring energy with each breath
and each step
we get to shape our surroundings
at least a little bit
because we are all waves
rippling into each other

so now that you know
you are a wave

be a wave of love
be a wave of curiosity
be a gentle wave,
or one that positively influences
small or big
it doesn’t matter
just be a GOOD wave


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