If Only I Would Be a Flower

if only I would be a flower
I would not be separate
I would be amid
I would be from
I would be in 

the kinetic grass would sway against my form
and intuitively I would move as well 
we would move together to the rhythm of the loving mysterious heartbeat of life

I would greet everything with the beauty I have forever absorbed to nourish others
I would open for the light of heavens to seep through me 
because to participate in opening is to touch the greatest grace 


today, I am nature embodied abloom
tomorrow, I will be a flower
today, I grace you with the love I have basked in during many lifetimes
tomorrow, I will talk to you about the cycles of life

today, I remember the freedom of my sovereign body
tomorrow, my petals will taste the sweetness of giving clouds
today, my roots stretch and belong to the deep wise earth
tomorrow, I will open

today, I live and grow among nature
tomorrow, my beauty will belong too


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