Religious Rebel

One wonders why one would risk their life to liberate a belief that is not theirs? The truth is, I do not know. But I do know this, the strength of gravitational pull that made me arrive in these moments is the guiding force behind this work. It was much stronger than myself and through its presence, I knew I was protected.

What this series symbolizes to me has much evolved since the days of its conception. Yet it is important to note that provocation has always been my delight. Not in the devilish sense of the word but as a savior of freeing judgement. Yet even I wonder, why is this my bliss? It has always seemed to me that, when one feels triggered in his judgement, there lies an opportunity for transformation. Only when one can hold the paradox in its center, the path of ultimate freedom will continue to reveal itself. 

However, with provocation, there may be possible hurt. And what hurts others, hurts myself. But, I realize that transformation is a heartbreak. It is a dissolution of the old to fertilize the new. As an embodied woman and an artist, it is my role to mediate dark and light, death and rebirth. To revere the body as the vessel between heaven and earth.

Women were once seen as an embodiment of the Great Mother, they were deeply honored and celebrated. With the introduction of religion and patriarchy, suppression and modesty codes have been enforced upon women all around the world. Today, after thousands of years of abuse, women are rising into their strength. Demanding to be understood as the sacred creatrix as well as a simple sovereign being with rights of universal freedom.


to understand religion 
is to understand reality

to learn

each lesson and its value
each tradition 
             and its harm

to know each flaw
in the words 
of dead 

to realize the difference 
between what is sold as spirit
and that which is 
               the centered soul

to see the separation 
      that lies in the gap between following                and                freedom
                                        the truth 
that is in the distance between
church                    and                  god

          to illuminate 
that teachings are only beneficial
         if they lead to willing transformation



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